Our Approach to Sustainability

At Sterling Bank, we have a passion for excellence. This informs why we have recorded a sustainable and solid growth, building a strong legacy of good corporate governance, excellence in banking ,transparency and an organisational culture that has Sustainability firmly entrenched in its processes.
We are committed to being a role model, not only for ethical behaviour, but also for environmental awareness, community engagement, support, also for our investments in education and youth empowerment in all our spheres of influence we operate in.
We adopt a precautionary approach to Environmental and Social Risk Management (ESRM) as we believe in looking downstream at impacts and also upstream at causes, while taking into consideration the social and environmental realities around us.

Banks should be the change agents for economic and social developments especially in the emerging economies. These concerns regarding environmental issues informed our decision to act on matters relating to climate change in our business operations.

As a financial Institution, our carbon foot print may be considered relatively low. However, we have looked inward into our processes and operations to tackle issues such as Resource Efficiency and Pollution Prevention as a result of our business operations and activities.
Currently, the bank has a Carbon Footprint Policy which guides our business operations and we have also developed an Environmental and Social Risk Management Framework to identify and manage environmental and social (E&S) risks that may be peculiar to our business model and those of our customers.

We have also created financial solutions for our customers that goes beyond financial advisory to proffering solutions on how to manage environmental and social (E&S) risks associated with our customer’s businesses. This is done by integrating E&S risks evaluation into our decision making process for bank-financed projects.

As a socially responsible Bank we adopted the triple bottom line analysis in our business activities. We review all requests for customers in the key sectors recommended by the Central Bank of Nigeria (CBN) for E&S risks and ensure we minimise the impact of our business activities on the environment.

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We remain firmly committed to safeguarding the environment and minimising the negative impact of our activities and operations in all our spheres of influence.
We also remain deeply committed to managing and monitoring E&S risks in our loan portfolio for favourable development outcomes.
We are proud of our achievements as a socially responsible bank and will continue to improve on our processes and capacity building efforts in the course of our Sustainability journey as a financial institution of choice in Nigeria.

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