Money Gram

Money Gram

Your bro in the UK needs money for new sneakers, Your Grandma needs some for her quarterly vacation, Use MoneyGram, an international money transfer service that allows you send and receive money worldwide.

Available at all our branches nationwide, it is particularly beneficial to:

  • Family members outside the country, immigrant workers and those who need financial support at home
  • Students who need to cover living allowances or pay tuition fees
  • Travelers who need cash urgently
  • Everyone with an immediate need for cash


  • An eight (8) digit reference number (transaction code) at the point of receipt
  • A valid international passport, driver's license or national ID card
  • Foreigners must have a valid visa on their international passport

Regulatory Requirements

  • All money transfers to Nigeria shall only be disbursed to beneficiaries through bank accounts
  • Where the beneficiary does not have a bank account, payments shall only be made upon the provision of a satisfactory reference from an account holder in the bank, confirming that the beneficiary is the owner of the funds
  • All account types can be used to reference a money transfer customer
  • A maximum amount of $7,500 or equivalent per individual per day can be transferred or received, unless otherwise authorized.
  • Funds are received in local currency

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