"Unity is strength. When there is teamwork and collaboration, wonderful things can be achieved."

Sharing is a major ingredient that builds unity between couples. It forms an integral part in human relationship and aids in the development of the individuals. Embarking on financial ventures together is however a key decision a lot of couples struggle to decide on.

Introducing the Sterling Couples’ Proposition; an offering that allows couples pool their funds together in the Bank while enjoying numerous benefits.

Now by moving your salary account (and your partner’s) to Sterling Bank, you enjoy the following:


  • Up to 10% discount on interest rate for all loans available in the Bank
  • Discount on interest rate for all Mortgage loans
  • 2% additional interest rate on target savings account
  • 2 free cheque books (50 leaflets) per annum, Free debit & credit cards + free transaction alerts
  • Anniversary & Valentines Dinner financed by the Bank
  • Access to Salary Advance& Credit cards without assessment

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