Verve PayDay Card

The month’s finances are going smoothly until you’re hit with that unexpected expense and payday is still a couple of weeks away – we’ve all been there. Not to worry, the Sterling Verve Payday Card is the perfect solution to help you manage your short term cash needs.

How to Apply

  • Log on to the URL –
  • Input your email and password
  • Confirm your password and click on "get started"
  • A verification code will be sent to your mail box to proceed with the application
  • Fill the form, print, sign, scan as JPEG and upload on the site for approval
  • Once card is personalized and received, change your default pin (1234) to a desired one
  • After pin change, log on to the URL to activate your card using the ‘activation code’ (sent to your mail box) and the last four digits of your card

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