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The Investor Relations (IR) Unit, under the Strategic Planning Group of Sterling Bank, is responsible for implementing this policy.

Only designated spokespersons and the IR unit are allowed to communicate with the investment community and external parties on behalf of Sterling Bank.


The goal of Sterling Bank’s IR unit is to ensure that the investment community has a clear understanding of the Bank’s strategy, business model, competitive position and financial performance through transparent communications.

Sterling Bank maintains a policy of informing the investment community of its business circumstances in accordance with the legal requirements guiding companies and financial institutions in Nigeria as well as global best practices.

Sterling Bank places a high priority on the quality and consistency of the investor-relevant information it discloses.


Sterling Bank is required to inform the Nigerian Stock Exchange of material events, which have the potential to impact its share price. All such information is also published on the News section of Sterling Bank’s investor relations site at: Investor Relations.

Persons subscribing to Sterling Bank’s news alerts either through the Investor Relations website subscription box or by sending an email to Sterling Bank Investor Relation also receive email of such notices.

Beginning the end of each quarter until the results release date, Sterling Bank observes a quiet period during which it does not comment on issues related to its financial results or expectations.

Access to Investor Relations information

1. Internet: Sterling Bank publishes information on its investor relations website at Investor Relations so that it is easily accessible to all investors. The investor relations site contains both current and archived information on Sterling Bank IR activities.

2. Financial statements, stock exchange announcements and other releases: The presentation of financial information is made to the Nigerian Stock Exchange before its publication in two national dailies and the News section of Sterling Bank’s investor relations website.

Sterling Bank also provides explanatory commentary in an earnings release and presentation, which are available on its website after the report to the Nigerian Stock Exchange.

3. Conference calls, webcasts and press conferences: Sterling Bank may occasionally host conference calls after the release of financial results or other material events.

A notice will be posted on the News section of the investor relations website prior to such events and interested participants allowed to register. Transcripts of these meetings will be made available on the site a few days after such calls.

4. External conferences and presentations: Speeches and other presentations delivered by Sterling Bank executives at investor-related conferences, roadshows, and investor meetings will be made available on the IR website as soon as possible after the event.

5. Road shows and other capital markets events arranged by Sterling Bank: Sterling Bank may occasionally hold meetings with the investment community. Shareholders, analysts, non-shareholding investors and the financial press are invited to attend these events. A notice of forthcoming events will be uploaded on the investor relations site. All speeches and presentations delivered at these events will be made available on the investor relations section as soon as possible after the event.

6. Day-to-day contact: Sterling Bank’s investor relations unit is responsible for maintaining contact with investors and analysts by telephone and e-mail. In all communications, no undisclosed material information will be given in private communications.

7. Annual general meeting: Sterling Bank’s annual general meeting is the single most important shareholder event on the investor relations calendar. A report of the AGM will be available on the Investor Reports page of the Sterling Bank IR website as soon as possible after the event.

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