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Our Events

Although we go to great lengths to adhere to the dates below, all future events are provisional and subject to change.

30 Apr 2015
Sterling Bank Plc holds its 53rd Annual General Meeting

30 Apr 2014
Sterling Bank Plc holds its 52nd Annual General Meeting

07 Apr 2014
Sterling Bank Plc FY 2013 Investor Conference Call

24 Jun 2013
Sterling Bank\'s Rights Issue opens June 24th and closes July 31st, 2013

15 May 2012
Notice of 50th Annual General Meeting

28 Sep 2011
Sterling Bank Plc holds Court-Ordered Meeting to Approve Acquisition of Equitorial Trust Bank

31 May 2011
Sterling Bank holds 49th Annual General Meeting

02 Feb 2011
Extra-Ordinary General Meeting

27 Oct 2010
Sterling Bank reports unaudited Q3 2010 results

27 Jul 2010
Sterling Bank announces H1 2010 results

17 Jun 2010
Sterling Bank holds 48th Annual General Meeting

14 May 2010
Sterling Bank announces FY 2009 and Q1 2010 results

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