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At Sterling Bank, we understand the need to maintain your relationships back here in Nigeria whilst abroad, after all there is no place like home!

For this reason, we are pleased to introduce the Sterling Diaspora Banking service; which has been tailored specially to cater for the banking needs of Nigerians in Diaspora and offers you the flexibility to open and run a Sterling Bank account from anywhere in the world.

With our Diaspora Banking service, you have access to a wide array of products which include savings, current, domiciliary and investment accounts, sophisticated and user friendly electronic channels, finance facilities including mortgages and top notch advisory services from our experienced relationship managers.

Sterling Diaspora Products

Whether it is a regular savings account with zero opening balance or a hybrid account with checking account features or just simply an account for the kids, we have something for you.

The Sterling Diaspora Banking service provides an array of current account products to meet your business needs back home in Nigeria.

This allows you to maintain savings or current accounts in foreign currencies. Transactions (deposits & withdrawals) are carried out in the same currency in which the account is denominated.

Features & Benefits:

  • Minimum opening balance of $100 or its equivalent in other currencies (GBP & EURO)
  • Attractive interest rates (applicable only to Domiciliary Savings Accounts)
  • Standing orders for transactions
  • Allows for offshore remittances

Get the most from your investments with a variety of products in both foreign and local currency.

Open your Sterling Diaspora Account

The following supporting documents are required to complete the account opening process:

  • Passport photographs (1 copy per signatory)
  • Valid proof of identification (International Passport (bio data page) OR Nigerian Driver’s Licence OR Nigerian Voter’s Card OR Nigerian National ID OR other Nigerian Government approved means of identification)
  • Nigerian address with current utility bill
  • Nigerian contact details (name of contact person living in Nigerian address)
  • References (for New Sterling Plus, Current, and Domiciliary Accounts only)
  • BVN (Bank Verification Number)

Duly completed Account Opening Forms and supporting documents should be scanned and emailed to or call +234-1-4484481-5 with any enquiries. Alternatively, contact us and we will get back to you.

Yes. However, to continue operating your account smoothly, a BVN is mandatory. Without this, you can deposit into your account but cannot transfer or withdraw pending provision of the BVN. BVN enrolment can be done via the CBN approved agencies nearest to your location.

Yes. Accounts would be operated in local and foreign currency, respectively.

You can deposit funds to your Sterling domiciliary account through our correspondent banks (Citibank and Deutsche Bank) via online or direct bank transfer. Friends & family in Nigeria can also make deposits on your behalf which you can monitor using our Internet Banking platform.

You can make withdrawals from your domiciliary account via your Visa Gold Debit Card.

No. We encourage you manage your account personally via our online platforms.

You can access our Internet and Mobile Banking platforms immediately your account is opened.

Yes. You can transfer funds from your Sterling Bank Domiciliary Account via internet banking & receive value in your international bank account within 24 hours

Yes. You can convert FX and receive Naira instantly at the prevailing official rate.

Savings Account - Nil
Current account - Mandatory N50 (postage stamp) per transaction and N1 per every N1, 000.00 withdrawal as maintenance fee on all withdrawals at the end of the month.
Domiciliary accounts - 0.5% on cash withdrawals.

Yes. Diaspora customers have access to Mortgage loans for Nigerian properties.

There are several investment options available such as Treasury Bills, Discounted Certificate of Deposits, Fixed Deposit, etc.

You can reach our diaspora desk via email at or call us on 0906-474-1660

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