Our Corporate Social Responsibility

At Sterling Bank, our commitment to Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) and community investment is driven by our core purpose of “enriching lives.”
Beyond particular programmes and initiatives, we consider CSR to be a continuous, ongoing effort at positively impacting the society, something we must do every day. It is a responsibility thrust on us by virtue of our existence, a responsibility we gladly embrace, hold dearly and celebrate.

We see investments in our society as that avenue given to us as a team to collectively reach out to others and fulfil our innate desire to make a difference. We consider this the only way we can build a sustainable business.

The essence of activities is captured in our CSR statement:
“To promote a sustainable society by enriching lives”
While we recognise the numerous avenues available to all to enrich lives, our CSR focus areas and priorities as an institution are:
  • Education
  • Environment
  • Entertainment
Asides these areas, we participate in corporate philanthropy from time to time. Our approach is to identify opportunities both within local communities where we operate as well as tackle broader issues on a corporate level.

Our Sustainability Priorities

Material Themes


To our Host Communities

we will support and collaborate to improve the lives of the people in the communities where we do business.

To our Employees

we will endeavour to build an organisation that motivates and inspires employees to achieve their full potentials.

To our Partners and Vendors

We shall prioritize long-term relationships and offer fair terms in our dealings.

To our Customers

We shall place a premium on value enhancement in our relationship with them.

To our Shareholders

We shall continue to compete ethically and fairly to be the best without compromising our time cherished values.


We strategically partner with environment focused organizations to ensure environmental sustainability while executing initiatives to reduce carbon emissions from our operations.

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